Royal Panda Valentines Promotion

Okay, we’ve covered some really creative, slightly crazy, promotions from different casinos here at Bonus Bulldog. This promotion from Royal Panda clearly takes the biscuit, however.

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Win a 5 night trip to Las Vegas and (maybe) LOVE!

Welcome offer Royal PandaLike an episode of the Love Boat, Royal Panda have decided to pair off two of their customers this Valentine’s Day. Or at least the chance to pair off. And a 5 night trip to Vegas and more. We’re really not joking, so keep reading.

Two Royal Panda players with the top combo scores across all paylines on the slot Burning Desire between 1-13 February 2017 (the top male and female players, to be precise) will be chosen as winners. As these two will have already proved to be lucky at gambling, perhaps they will be lucky in love? We will see.

The winners will be flown to Las Vegas for a five night stay at the Venetian (AMAZING!). To help you get to know your fellow winner you will also get to enjoy a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, and a romantic ride on a gondola.

Then, at the end of the stay, the two winners will be offered the chance to tie in the knot with the King, Elvis Presley himself (or a lookalike perhaps), presiding.

If you do decide to tie the knot, Royal Panda will not only provide the Elvis, they will also give you diamond rings as well.

No really, we’re not making this up.

The Fine Print

Obviously, if you do win this prize you will be under no obligation to actually marry your fellow prize winner. It’s just an option. Also, there appears to be no alternative partner to marry if you are an LGBT Royal Panda player.

If you decide not to marry your fellow winner do not expect Royal Panda to still give you a ring (that would hardly be fair).

There’s also no provision saying this competition is only open to single players. If your long-term relationship is feeling a bit stale, a five-night romantic excursion to Vegas with a total stranger might also be just the ticket. Remember, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Lastly, out of fairness of Royal Panda and the avoidance of doubt, we feel we should print in full the following section from their rules: “the choice of whether to get married is entirely at the players’ discretion, and Royal Panda will not be held responsible for any future issues relating to the marriage, including (but not restricted to) divorce, financial disputes, emotional distress, etc.”

The Verdict

You gotta love this promotion from Royal Panda, at least for its sheer zaniness. It’s hard to make the call on whether or not this is a good promotion or not, however, as it depends entirely on the personal circumstance of each player. If the idea suits you, go for it. After all, if you are lucky enough to have the top combo score at Burning Desire, there’s no reason to think you won’t be lucky when it comes to who your fellow winner is.

And if you are not a Royal Panda player already, this is (depending on your marital status) the perfect opportunity to sign up now.

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